Using the CDK to create AWS resources.


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The idea behind here is to document my process of creating things, services and solution using the AWS CDK. CDK stands for Cloud Development Kit, and is a way to create resources in AWS using a programming language, which for my use case, I'll use Typescript.

I have two goals with this posts, one is to as I said before, document the process, and the other is to actually write more, and with time improve the quality of what I write.

Since I have started coding, professionally, I haven't done any writing about software, even though I am a big believer that from writing about what you do, you become better at what you do.

The content of these posts will start probably with some repetitive topics, like creating a lambda, api gateway, hooking both together, but then the plan is to spicy things a bit.

Possible FAQ

Why not use the Serverless Framework ?

A: In the end, is a matter of preference, today the CDK is mature enough to tackle in a simple way the creation of resources in AWS. With the CDK, you will most likely write more, but when it comes to details, type assurance, CDK will win long term.

Why not use the Serverless Stack Serverless Stack ?

A : That's a hard one, If all you want is a lambda/apigateway/dynamodb , serverless stack is a hard one to beat.

Why not SAM ?

A: If I went with anything other than the CDK, the next in line would be the Serverless Stack. SAM is mainly for using apigateway/dynamodb/lambda combo, or graphql whatever they do there ๐Ÿ˜….